Cr250 2 stroke

Thread in 'Misc for sale' started by Tomo, Oct 7, 2022.

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    Morning everyone, it’s been a while. After having a few years off drifting and going back to mx I’m now doing the opposite.
    I’ve had a couple of nasty crashes and a couple of surgeries over the last couple of years and don’t fix as well now I’m old. So in the first instance I’m going to put the bike up here. I’d like 4k for it but would also do a deal on a 350z. I don’t want a bmw thanks. Great cars just not for me. I’ve owned the bike for 12 years it’s a 2003 250 two stroke. No stupid rebuild costs that come with horrible 4 strokes. If anyone wants any more info let me know. The fork seals need doing at the moment because it’s sat around since I went through the whole bike a year ago. The prices are going up all the time on the Hondas now.


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