Daily drifter Vs VR SIM rig setup

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    Hi all.

    I'm in a bit of a dilemma at the moment. I've always had the dream of drifting competitively since I was a child but I never had the means to do so.

    I'm starting my first job soon as a degree apprentice. My salary will allow me to have about £700 disposable income per month for me to spend however I like. However this salary will increase every year and then take a huge jump once I get my degree.

    I wanna get into drifting as soon as possible but I'm not sure if I should save up for a cheap daily drifter from £2-3k (ropey E36) and then sell my fiesta to pay for insurance and maintenance costs. I'm 18 years old with one years ncb so I can get away with about £1800 a year on insurance.
    All of my housemates are working at the same place as me so I wouldn't have to rely on it to get me to work as I can get lifts from them (obviously paying my bit for fuel ). It would definitely be just more of a fun road legal drift car that I can daily occasionally.

    Or should I save for a realistic SIM with a VR headset and direct drive wheel base as well as the PC needed to run that sim. I'd be looking at £3500 for a complete setup, which seems like a lot at first, but there are no costs after that (besides electric bill) and I get basically unlimited seat time. I'd then save up for a real car after.

    I have no issues with driving around an unruly drift car as a daily because I love the feeling of driving a raw, barebones car but I don't want to shoot myself in the foot by buying a car I can't afford to run.

    My goal is maximum seat time, and while the SIM rig technically will give me more seat time, its not proper seat time whereas it is real seat time in a real car.

    I also think it's worth mentioning that I have an extremely basic SIM setup already. Which contains
    -Thrustmaster TMX wheel
    -Thrustmaster TH8A shifter
    -Thrustmaster T3PA pedals
    -Some random flightstick that I use as a hydro
    -Awful laptop that can just about run Assetto Corsa on minimum graphics settings at 60ish fps

    I've also done a couple drift training days and they're just too expensive for the amount of seat time that you actually get.

    Sorry for the long post. Hope someone can give me some advice, Thanks
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    The same is true for any motorsport, no substitute for the real thing.
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    I would do the car, purely for the fact that having something you can skid means you can start to meet people and go to drift days which is probably the most important part. Pretty much everything you can buy and skid for 2k ish is going up in value loads and the money you spend on maintenance will be somewhat offset by the fact that chances are you'll be able to sell on the car for more than you paid. Sims on the other hand will only get cheaper as time goes on. Plus having a road legal drift car is fun as hell even if you can't skid it regularly. Would your housemates not be interested in splitting the cost of a better sim setup and sharing it?
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    I myself would go with a real car with real seat time as it would give you the best bang for the buck.

    I've a pretty high end PC with Fanatec gear and its not cheap at all.
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    Get a better pc to run the sim setup you have and use a tv or get a cheap monitor and also buy a daily drifter. E46s and e36s are going up in price now is the time to buy them. That’s you sorted all around. You don’t need the best sim rig to enjoy it
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    West Midlands UK
    This reminds me to ask a quick question, what is the ideal size monitor for a 5 screen sum racing set up

    Reason I ask is because 1080p is old news so i know i can buy 5 Of The same monitor 24 or 27 inch for a decent price.

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