***** Dakota Drift & Drag @ Smeatharpe Airfield 15/11/14 *****

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    Dakota Drift

    Smeatharpe Round 4

    This is our 4th event at Smeatharpe this year thanks to the continuing support of Straightliners and everyone that attends our events.

    Please read all the details below:

    Ticket price info

    £10 Entry Ticket
    £60 Drift Ticket
    50 Drift tickets available.

    Everybody has to pay £10 for entrance to the venue and then £60 to drift. So £70 total for drifters.

    New payment links will now be on the Straightliners website. Register to the site and follow the on screen instructions to book a ticket when they become available.



    Smeatharpe airfield:

    Drift Tracks & Tuition

    We have 2 tracks at Smeatharpe:

    1 - Large circuit style lapped track with upto 4 cars on at one time to keep the que times down.

    2 - Beginner playpen with drift tuition available. There will be no spectators allowed at this track so even less pressure for anyone wanting to learn. Learn basic techniques like doughnuts, figures of eights and transitioning in a safe environment.

    If you are thinking of starting drifting have a quick read through these threads for some basic advice:


    Driver Info & Rules

    Gates open 8am, scrutineering between 8.00 and 9.30am. Drivers briefing 9 - 9.30am (You need to be on time for this)

    Drifting starts 10am and ends 4pm.

    Free tyre fitting

    Drivers licence needed

    Arms and legs covered & helmets on. (Bring your own) Seatbelt/Harness done up.

    Take your tyres home with you and rubbish in the bins. Any fly tipping of tyres will result in you being banned from future events

    Noise restrictions - NO BEE-R LIMITERS! If you have one you will be asked to turn it off or so it doesn't bang like a shotgun.

    Obey the marshal's and flags. Bad attitudes towards the drift track marshal's is not acceptable, any problems ask for me, JK or Trevor.

    TOW HOOKS - easily assessible tow hooks are required front and rear


    Cars need to be scrutineered, common sense stuff you should have really sorted yourself prior to any event:

    Battery secure

    Seat & Belts secure

    No fluid leaks

    Brakes working

    Footwells/interior free of junk (having a bottle roll under your pedals is not fun)

    Tow hook

    Working lights will be needed if it's foggy

    Dakota Drag And Drift Contact Info



    For all latest updates find us below at Facebook @ Dakota Drift

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