Drifting a 1.6L Miata

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    So to start, I've already had quite the look around and I know what I'm going to need to do to make my gutless miata into a drift car, with that, I haven't seen much in regards to drifting a near stock or lightly/cheaply modified miata.

    I wanted to ask what small things would make the most impact when trying to get it sideways. I know a welded diff works wonders but don't want to weld the factory vlsd since they can still be sold for a decent amount and it is also a daily other than when its snowing. A solution to this would be to get a lsd but since I have the 1.6, I'm also going to need a new driveshaft and axles.

    With the current state of it, I can get the ass end to slide out pretty easily in the rain if I'm at low rpms in second. The first order of business is going to be coilovers to help stiffen it up and get rid of the horrendous wheel gap. After that, in your opinions, what would be the cheapest modifications that would get the most results.

    Keep in mind im not trying to turn this into a full blown drift car just yet. Just looking for something to make it slide a bit easier while putting the least money in. If you want to call me an idiot for trying to drift a pretty much open diff miata, then I will agree with you. If you want to give me suggestions such as sway bars, links, alignment, etc, then I will appreciate the help. Thanks in advance!
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    Coilovers, Welded Diff, Rack Spacers (or modified hubs if you can weld or know someone who can)

    Just buy an open diff and weld it. You need a fully locked diff, especially when learning. The LSD's just aren't predictable enough.

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    get a rear adjustable ARB and set it as stiff as you can,

    set front coil over dampers to soft and rears to hard.

    have your car properly aligned as well, loads of camber and caster on front and a little toe out will help loads.
    little bit of toe in at the rears and get rid of as much camber as you can.

    getting a hydro is optional as you dont NEED one but it can help you sometimes.
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    Ok, OP asked for the cheapest modifications after fitting coilovers. Assuming your maintenance is up to scratch then:

    1. As stated prior, get an open diff and weld it (or one already welded)
    2. Also stated prior: alignment. Once the coilovers are fitted the alignment will be all up the duff. It may be prudent to fit lock/steering rack spacers here in order to avoid another alignment check later on
    3. Fixed back bucket seat to stop you flying around the cockpit
    4. 60psi in the rear tyres
    5. Enter a learner drift day
    6. Smile your arse off

    Be prepared to drive fast if it's dry. If you ever find yourself thinking "i wish i just had 10 more hp" then add 5 more psi to the rear tyre pressure. Once you hit 75psi, look to drop rear tyre width down a size or two (ie going from a 195 to a 185 or 175 wide tyre)

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