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Thread in 'Parts for sale' started by Nick Sheen, Dec 17, 2009.

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    I have a nice pile of stuff that i would like somebody to buy. I could do with this gone quick, so no " I'll have it in the new year if you still have it"...because I Won't.

    Right now thats out the way here is what I have.

    2.5 engine from a D reg E30 111k on the clock. Engine ran great despite the car being rotten
    All ancillaries (was a manual rack model)
    Full engine loom + ECU
    Oil cooler
    Gear box
    (annoyingly I smashed the dizzy in tonight, but that is a cheap part and easily replaced)


    Complete rear subframe
    standard 2.5 spec dampers
    standard springs
    trailing arms
    could do with some new handbrake cables as I raped these a bit getting the subframe off.


    Complete front subframe
    manual steering rack
    51mm strut housing
    standard dampers and springs
    (one of the wishbones is off as it made it easier for me to shift


    Spax rear lowering springs 40mm. uncut..but ripe for cutting.

    Standard 2.5 exhaust system, looks to have had a new centre section not so long back as it barely has any surface rust


    I have plenty of other E30 bits so just ask and I shall find. Mtech 1 parts etc

    Now if someone wants all that i mentioned above. you can have that lot for £400. which..yes is may seem a lot. but then its all there so no fucking about really, you can just plug and play and turn your 318 or something into a good car! plus if unlike me you could be arsed to try real hard to make money off these bits, I am sure by spending some time on the E30zone or ebay you could make some nice cash back if you just wanted the engine and box.

    I will be putting this on the E30 zone tomorrow.. I hate that place so I would rather someone from here just came gave me cash, took the stuff and then we would be both happy.

    This is collection only from Nuneaton, J3 of the m6. pretty easy place to get to from anywhere thats not miles from the m1 m6 or m40. I do not have the means to deliver so please don't ask.

    Pm me on here, or email Nick@driftworks.com

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