E36 316 coupe 2.5tds swap..

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    Soo basically brought the other half a 316 coupe for drifting..
    I had a vague idea it wouldn't slide well with the tiny 1.6 engine

    We've been talking about it what way to go and that. She wants a turbo.. So my first obvious choice was a 2.5 petrol lump (as the 2.8 was Ali block)
    But then looking into turboing a 2.5 block isnt as straight forward.. Space being a problem

    Soo then I started looking into pre turbo'd bmw engines and you have the 2.5td and the 2.5tds
    Not much difference between them the tds is around 143bhp from factory
    Now this seems an obvious choice but my searching isn't bringing me anyone that's swapped a diesel engine into their bimmer..

    With the stock setup people seem to max them out around 200bhp but with larger turbo, fmic, injectors and fuel pump and a map people are seeing these around 300..
    That's not a bad figure to aim for and with the current parts lying around the garage this could be had realitivly cheap!

    Worth doing?

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