E36 328, m3 kit, e46 arms, polybushed, shotgun exhaust, hydro, dished wheel, remotecs

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    Milford on sea
    Only recently bought this but something's come up for sale which I wanted and didn't have the cash for at the time hence buying this, iv taken it on a 560 mile round trip and it hasn't skippe a beat! Like most drift cars its not a trailer queen and as such has little imperfections but all in its in good condition and is a pretty well setup drift car! It's been built for a purpose and skids very well.. It's also alot easier to drift than I first thought it would be! Does feel pretty nice as far as e36's go, iv driven a few and this is BY FAR the best.. feels very tight and connected to the road, the steering feel is even similar to my track prepped mx5! Since owning the car iv given it a general tidy up and put two new toyo t1r's on the front and just put two new rear tyres on it (about 10 miles ago) as such it's ready to go hit the track! All in all iv spent £1600 on it so would like the same back. Here's the original ad from the previous owner.

    very well set up to take straight to track. chuck in some buckets and your away.

    previous owner had all the interior striped out and had 2 seats fitted, but ive refitted all the interior

    ill go through the bad bits first,

    it has a cracked windscreen, top left corner.
    gear linkage is a bit stiff. FIXED!
    rubber inlet boot between MAF and inlet is split, these are like £12 new from BMW, it only affects the idle. HAVE ANOTHER IN THE CAR BUT HAVEN'T FITTED IT YET.
    steering wheel boss does not self cancel the indicators.
    rear arches are tatty.
    general paint isnt great.
    Hydro needs bleeding up properly. FIXED

    onto some of the better bits;

    Taxed until September
    MOT until FEBURARY

    Ebay Coilovers (front)
    Spax 28-way-Adjustable Rear Shocks (very recent, got the recipt)
    Welded Diff
    Rogue Engineering Rear Top Mounts
    Ultraracing rear strut bar
    E46 067 steering rack
    E46 lower arms
    Polybushed front wishbone rear bushes (lollipops)
    Polybushed rear swing arms
    Hydraulic Handbrake
    Shotgun straight pipe back section (cats and centre silencers still fitted)
    Hockey puck engine mounts

    M3 front bumper with splitter
    M3 rear diffuser (on standard bumper)
    plastic side skirt covers
    BN roof spoiler from an R32
    HID headlights
    M3 rear lights

    Wheels are Remotec, 16x8J & 16x9J, cant remember offset, must be et10, no spacers are fitted.
    195/45/16 all round

    Recent rear wheel bearing,
    Recent handbrake shoes
    Recent new ignition barrel, as it was suffering from the common e36 spinning key

    Any questions dont hesitate to ask

    Price: £1600 no offers, may take px but would prefer cash as iv found a car I want..

    im located at so41

    also my number is 07904979244

    Thanks, Charles

    link to original ad incase pics don't load up..

    Will sort pictures on my lunch break.
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    near cardiff
    fuck I do like this car, GLWTS
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    If you literally weren't at the furthest possible point away from me i'd have this!
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    You'll be devastated to know I built the car in Edinburgh haha

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