E36 328i SE Saloon

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    328i E36 SE for sale.

    £1650 ono
    Near Cardiff in Wales
    149000 miles
    Little bit of MOT

    I'll be as honest as I can with the advert.

    The car is pretty much unmolested:

    Full factory wood trim
    Passenger airbag (slightly rare)
    Rear passenger blind
    Headlight washer system (not sure if working)
    4 good tread depth budgets
    E46 Club sport wheels, which are in dire need of a refurb
    Fully dynamatted interior with install wires still plumbed in, zero gauge wire etc (was a speaker sound show car thing)
    Loads of history and recent receipts, one nearly a grand
    2 keys
    Open diff

    Bought it as a little side project to my turbo project, realised then that the turbo project needed way more cash so this is up for sale to find more parts. This car does need a few bits doing and I have taken photos of each issue, with a few quid chucked at it, would be a lovely motor.

    Lacquer peel on roof
    Rust on arch/wing/boot trim
    Lights on dash behind milage display gone
    Few scuffs
    Battery a bit naff

    The car drives really nicely, pulls well and idles well. The brakes are good as is the clutch. The only issues while driving is that one of the rear top mounts have popped through (common problem) I'm happy to supply you with or even fit the top mount before you buy. Also there's a small rubbing from plastic inner arch on passenger side front, it's just because it's low and has non standard wheels, nothing to worry about.

    Any questions I'll be willing to answer.

    Thanks for looking.

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