For Sale E36 Coupe V8 M60B40

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    E36 V8 coupe with extra options pro rollbar possible to conversion to a full rollcage.
    Its completely street legal with FIA sports pass and TUV. It meets SEMI PRO Drift class standards. Capable of competing in PRO tracks.
    Engine - M60B40 nicelly installed with Alpina oil pan kit, brackets and poly mounts. Now runs on Bioethanol (E85) with completely new ~450cc injectors and Walbro 255 lph fuel pump. Profesionally mapped with 404 ECU. Possible conversion back to 98 octane fuel. Gearbox is original V8 5 speed, with completely new full clutch set and short shifter, custom made drive shaft and 188 size welded 3.9 ratio differential. All rear axle is on Poly and reinforced, with adjustable camber arms, new IRP 7 cm wheel spacers.
    Suspention - front has brand new IRP V2 lock kit, new E46 purple tag (fastest) steering rack, coilovers with height adjusting, adjustable camber and caster, custom made steering shaft. Possible power steering conversion to electrical with cooling.
    In a front and back there is strut bars and other kinds of reinforcements like X Brace.
    Brakes - in front E46 3.0i new big brakes swap, at back new original ones with possible 2 caliper setup (R15 wheels are possible). New IRP handbrake with wilwood 0.625.
    Body and interiour - for driver there is Bimarco Grip racing seat with extra head safety, RRS racing 6 points harness and for passenger Sparco seat with Sparco 6 points harness - everything with FIA homologation, new RRS steering wheel with no offset, racing fire extinguisher. Original E36 instrument cluster fully working (hard when V8 is inside), and of course power cut off button.
    The body has got brand new RTP autosport pandem body kit, new bumpers. Its completely repainted with anime style graphics - it can be easily removed. Base paint is left original - Silber grau. It has not been competing in any events yet.
    Car has tons of new parts witch i cannot even mention all, but ofcourse it has been used in drifting so needs hands, but the price is funny, basically the mods price added all together makes more than 10k. Communicate only in English, possible to call me by my phone number, Whatsapp, Viber and Telegram. Worldwide shipping.
    TUV certificates for coilovers, rollbar, seats, harnesses.
    Price would be around 11000 euros. Possible to remove some options and lower the price.














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