e36 touring black 323 2.8,3.15 diff, m50, END chip,hydro,seat,blablablablablabla

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    New car is here so old car must go. As we all know e36 tourings are worth fuck all and I really dont care, if you dont have enough money to buy this, don't :), its worth every penny of the £1500 im asking It's cost me alot more in new parts and it will probably cost you loads too, or not, its up to you lol. I'm proud to say I think its pretty bulletproof now and I used it for a few events last year and its been spot on, its quite a shonky noisey ride considering its a bmw due to coilovers, no front arb, no rear seats, welder and ballon tyres, but would benifit from some balanced wheels and some 195/50/16's, short mot but I'm more than willing to put the price up with 12 months on it lol:). I just want it gone soonish. Its raspy and does go very very well! Its even good on fuel :) NO PX as said before new car is here.

    Heres the list, Lets not worry about how many miles are on the clocks lol, its very many, really proving its a solid car ;)

    Mot till April 2015

    2.8 conversion with 2.5 diff
    M50 manifold
    random Induction kit
    Decatted 328 sport system
    END chip revs to 7200 200+N/A bhps easy
    Front and rear strut braces
    Ta technix coilovers front
    Newish rear shocks and springs with coilovers adjusters
    Newish Adjustable camber top mounts
    Newish E46 lower arms and eccentric poly bushes
    Newish Brembo grooved discs and green stuff pads front
    Newish grooved rear discs with Brembo pads and new shoes
    Newish braided brake lines all round
    Super blue brake fluid
    Modded hubs
    Hydraulic handbrake
    Dished steering wheel
    CD player
    Couberau Evo Drivers bucket seat
    Passenger Fake Bride
    No rear seats ect
    Newish sparco harnesses
    Newish M3 style front bumper
    Universal over arches
    Universal bonnet vent
    Newish rad with electric cooling fan
    Recent thermostat
    Recent metal water pump
    Recent clutch kit
    Recent fluid change
    Welded 3.15 ratio diff
    Newish flex donut bush
    16" e39 wheels and tyres

    I have loads of pics with other wheels (which are also for sale) But this is how it will be sold, It's highered up to accomodate those massive tyres! its all I have to go on it.


    These pics are in action with low profile tyres and lowness


    I think thats about it, buy, use, abuse, repeat, easy :)

    Roof rack optional, don't expect a show car lol its more of a multi purpose drift car, perfect for tip runs or ram raids.



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