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    So i was grinding out the front arches because I have been getting some rubbing on full lock and i got a little happy and sergicly made two incisions on my hard break line on driver front side. ( note to everyone i love making my own life hard lol )

    My question is i need to replace the front hard line now so might as well do both at the same time but I don’t know witch one to disconnect and the best way to rout it.

    Also i have heard that you can run them in braided hoses that you can get made to size but i cant find where and what size they are.

    There really isn’t much on this that i can see

    Any help would be great many thanks xoxo F2820E33-7015-4C1A-8032-5376039CF892. 5CE3E1C3-3C25-492D-ADA6-FE7642B5D4EA. i own a 2.5 E46 and this is located on the passengers side if you can tell me witch pipe does what this would be a great help

    Many thanks again guys

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