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Thread in 'Other Chat' started by mynamestoby, Aug 13, 2021.

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    Apr 8, 2021
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    Hey Guys, looking to get myself an E46 to daily drive for a year or so while we find a new house with a driveway for me to work on the drift conversion. What would be the ideal 'auto trader search'? Mileage, model, year etc etc.

    Any help much obliged! :)
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    May 25, 2013
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    Autotrader tend to be quite high priced. If you are going to use it for drifting and a daily at first, I’d worry less about mileage and more about general condition. Facebook Marketplace will probably be your place for a competitively priced car.

    Now E46’s – few key things to bear in mind.
    1. Radiator – replace it – they banana.
    2. Expansion tank – Replace it – they go boom.
    3. Rad hoses – replace them – they’re probably 20 years old and shite.
    Use best quality bits you can (Meyle HD) are notoriously good in BMW circles.

    Body wise – rear arches like to rust, you will also have to plan to drop the subframe at some point, for bushes - factor in re-doing the rear brake lines boot floor supports while you are in there.

    Usual suspects too – Track rods, Track rod ends, lollipop bushes, lower front control arms.

    Engine wise – well I like a 2.5 petrol or above – I have seen Diesel variations drift with success – up to you really, anything RWD can drift if you want it too.

    I’d personally look for a 325/328 with either the M54 or earlier M52TU (2.8 only) and using that – shape doesn’t matter – coupe/saloon/touring – they all party.

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