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Thread in 'Drifting Chat / Pictures / Videos' started by Lewis Perkns, Sep 6, 2022.

  1. Lewis Perkns

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    Sep 6, 2022
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    First of all I am new to drifting, to the point I haven't bought a car yet lol.. But this is something I'm looking to get into, I've been doing some googling and it seems the 2 best choice of cars for beginners are either the e46 or the 350z.
    I really like the e46, I've owned one before and it was a nice car. So I fancy a touring so I can use it daily and throw shit in the back for the tip run and stuff like that. So I'm thinking e46 33oci manual (if I can find one lol), but after doing some reading about them, I've read about the rear subframe/ body cracking issue which seems to be on all age e46's. Has anyone got or had an 46 and had to get this done?
    Im just abit worried that if I get one and it needs doing, it'll cost a fortune which ruins the idea of getting into drifting on a low-ish budget.

    Sorry if this has been asked before, i couldn't find it if it has.

  2. jamie35

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    Oct 24, 2022
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    ok ima be honest a e46 is a really good car and honestly it will be a great drift car bc all tho people say its expensive to fix up they really arent that bad bc u dont need to do much to the car to make it good bc its pretty good whenever its stock but dont push the car more than its worth like if the car isnt fit to do certain things then dont try and get it to but a 350 is honestly a heavy drift car so its a lil bit hrader than a e46 so if i were u id get e36

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