Electronic boost controller settings?

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    Sep 2, 2022
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    Hello I'm looking for help with what settings to use on my new "top quality" Taiwanese ProSport electronic boost controller. I know how the thing operates button wise I just don't know what settings I would need to get the desired boost pressure.

    This is the controller: https://www.merx-tuning.de/media/Einbauanleitungen/Digital Serie/elektr.Boost-Controller.pdf

    And these are the specs for my actuator spring:

    Wastegate actuator settings.

    I'm a bit lost for what to set things to all I know is that I'm pretty sure I saw someone saying that for electronic boost controllers you should set gain to 0 before taking the car for a test drive, then start tweaking.

    I'm aiming for 1.5 bar (21/22psi) of boost on setting one and 1.8 (26psi) on setting two.

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