Enkei RS-III, 16x7J +38, 16x8 +38

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    Hi Guys,

    I am putting these up for a friend, the ebay link is below but get in touch if you have any offers etc

    Enkei RS-III 16x7/8 Alloy Wheels 5x114.3 on eBay (end time 15-Feb-11 14:06:23 GMT)

    The wheels are in Used condition, but could be cleaned up, or refurbished and look mint.

    One wheel has a dent to the outer lip, but I have been told this could be banged out.

    Apart from that one dent, all wheels are straight and true.

    The wheels originally came off an MR2, but could fit many other cars with a 5x114.3 stud fitment.

    The front wheels are 16x7J +38 and the rears are 16x8 +38. All 5x114.3.

    They are 2 piece split wheels, so could be split down for easy refurbishment.

    Wheels come with tyres on, however I believe they are all shot and will need replacing.

    These are Genuine Enkei Wheels and are rare these days. Made in Japan.
    Looking for a quick sale, so will consider any offer.

    Grab a bargain!

    Local Pick-Up only, however, if you would like to arrange a courier, that would be fine.

    I know the pics are small but they are to give you an idea of the wheel design, bigger pictures are on the eBay ad.​




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    id have these but not at 200 quid as one is damaged and probably a nightmare to find a replacement

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