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    Hope the mods dont mind

    Its not a drift car but needs to go in order to fund a purchase of one. There seems to be a big cross section of people on the site so it may interest someone? :o

    Spent a significant amount of time and money on this car and I am sad to let it go but I need the money for property, wedding etc and intend to buy a much cheaper run about. :cry:

    Capable of serious power (400+ RW HP) and grips like crazy (unless you want it to go sideways which it does with ease! :D) :thumbs:

    Web page has everything you need to know.


    Motor currently has 450 miles on it, as its running in. Boosting around 7 psi now. Turbo shows positive boost by 3k, starts to get going by 4k and should hit hard by 4.5k. Oviously mapping and cam timing can change that so it hits earlier. :nod:

    Serious offers considered :smash:


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    Boing ....

    The spec list

    Basic car specifications

    1994 Rev3 Mr2 Turbo GT T-Bar
    Full MOT and 6 months tax

    2.0l Turbo, religiously serviced by myself every 4k

    Flat black paintwork, very good body work considering the cars age. T Bar roof

    Leather / Suede interior excellent condition
    Adjustable lumbar and bolster supports in drivers seat
    The interior (seats, carpets, dash etc) are in excellent condition
    Factory extra's
    Electric windows
    Electric mirrors
    Electric folding mirrors
    Steerable driving lamps
    Power Steering
    AC (non functioning as compressor has been removed) can be reinstalled
    Climate control (see above)


    Modifications that have been carried out over standard

    - Trust GREX gear knob
    - Autometer A pillar gauge mount (pic)
    - Autometer boost gauge (pic)
    - Autometer AFR gauge
    - Autometer Nitrous pressure gauge
    - Custom pod mount behind steering wheel which houses the boost gauge (pic)
    - Autometer 5 inch race tach (pic)
    - Autometer shift light (pic)
    - Custom stainless steel dash mount bracket for the race tach (pic)
    - ULTRA turbo timer
    - Double din Fujitsu Ten CD/Tape/Radio player
    - Kenwood speakers
    - 180mph dials

    - Racing Dynamics silver multi spoke alloys. Staggered set up for better turn in
    - Eagle F1's (rear), Falken 451 (fronts) good tread all round

    - Engine has been totally stripped and cleaned through
    - Engine block repainted bright red (pic)
    - Sump pan repainted bright red
    - Inlet manifold repainted silver
    - Repainted rocker cover in crackle finish red (pic)
    - New engine seals, every internal and external engine seal have been replaced
    - New oil pump
    - New timing belt
    - Rebored and honed cylinders
    - Arias 87mm forged pistons (pic)
    - Ceramic coated piston crowns (pic)
    - Dry lube on the piston skirts for lower frictional losses and better oil dispersion (pic)
    - New wrist pins and locking rings
    - Eagle H Beam lightweight forged con rods (pic)
    - ACL Duraglide con rod and main engine bearings
    - SPF (South Florida Performance) stainless steel tubular exhaust manifold (pic)
    - Precision Turbo SC61 (680 rwBHP capable turbo, good spool characteristics) (pic)
    - Goodridge braided oil supply line with Goodridge adaptors and fittings
    - Russell braided oil drain line with Russell adaptors and fittings
    - Stainless steel custom turbo downpipe
    - External waste gate dump pipe is fed back into the exhaust to reduce noise levels
    - The downpipe and wastegate dump pipe lagged in heat wrap to retain heat
    - HKS 45mm external wastegate (pic) (pic)
    - Toyota metal head gasket
    - HKS 264 high lift exhaust cam
    - HKS 272 high lift intake cam
    - ATS Racing Cam Gears (pic)
    - The cylinder head has been fully stripped and cleaned thoroughly (pic)
    - New valve seals
    - The valve clearances have also been re-shimmed to factory tolerances
    - Freshly lapped in valves
    - The valves have also been thoroughly cleaned and polished
    - Engle uprated valve springs (pic)
    - Ported and polished head
    - Fine port polish on the exhaust to reduce pumping losses
    - Swirl port finish on the intake to promote better mixing of fuel and air
    - Apexi Power FC and commander (unit currently not fitted and un mapped)
    - Sard 850cc injectors (as yet not fitted)
    - ARP rod bolts
    - ARP main bolts
    - ARP head bolts
    - Custom stainless steel induction system
    - HKS SS BOV
    - BLITZ Nur SPEC R exhaust system
    - ULTRA Ignition Leads
    - Mark Summers Copper Contact Distributor Cap
    - NGK BCR8ES cold plugs
    - Crankcase breathers x2
    - Walbro 255lph intank fuel pump
    - Gearbox is totally sound, no crunches on gear changes and is totally solid
    - Gearbox filled with Redline MT40 as well
    - Desrestricted
    - FCD
    - Bilstein Sport "yellows" suspension
    - GAB sport lowering and stiffening springs
    - GAB front upper brace
    - GAB front lower brace (pic)
    - GAB rear upper brace
    - Whiteline front adjustable ARB
    - Whiteline Rear adjustable ARB
    - Whiteline ARB bushes (front / Rear)
    - Sbits drop links
    - TRD reinforced front engine mount
    - Custom solid rear engine mount

    - EBC Grooved and Drilled Disc's
    - Pagid fast road pads
    - Reconditioned front calipers
    - Reconditioned rear calipers
    - Goodridge Braided Brake Lines

    - HELIX 4 paddle stage 2 competition clutch - light pedal and tractable in traffic (pic)
    - Custom fabricated short shifter
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    How Much Are You Willing To Sell This For :confused:
    If You Don't Want To Post The Price Send Me A PM Plz :thumbs:
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    Looking for around 8.5k :nod:



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