FD3S RX-7 8-Point CUSCO Bolt-In Rollcage

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    CUSCO D1 8 Point BOLT-IN Rollcage

    for a Mazda RX-7 FD3S.

    It's in great condition, finished in red and already padded. This is the most comprehensive Rollcage Cusco do for the 3rd Gen RX-7 and as such are pretty hard to come by.


    It's the 8 point version which means they have 2 additional cross bars at the rear (ideal for hanging harnesses off), aswell as the two main bars going to the front of the cabin that you don't commonly see on the bolt in cages the UK. See diagram below;


    New delivered from Japan they cost waaay over a grand (£970 for the item and postage alone!.. plus Import tax/duties and VAT on top = much ££££...)

    The price is £550 (rollcage padding included for free! Complete with all bolts and plates needed for fitting).

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