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    We've got a couple of Drift DVDs from the states. Some you may have seen, some you haven't:

    Hashiriya DVD
    Street drifting and racing from Osaka, presented by Kyoko Nagamatsu

    Drift Battle DVD
    Loads of footage from the Drift showoff competition in the US as well as interviews and features with the top US and Jap drivers including onboard fottage and tech tips from Ueo

    Drift Bible DVD
    The original instructional Drift DVD presented by the drift king himself Keiichi Tsuchiya. Even though it's knocking on a bit now, this is a worthwhile watch for anyone looking to get into drifting

    Pure Drifting DVD
    This DVD is 'the story of Drifting in America'
    It's a documentary style look at the drift competitions and drivers in the US.

    cheers :)

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