For Sale For Sale Forged SR20DET Blacktop bare engine

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    For Sale Forged SR20DET Blacktop bare engine

    Engine is still in the car and can be heard running and compression tested for the next one week then its coming out. Cannot be revved as it is still not run in after the build and has not been mapped so running on previous map which was done for same injectors and turbo so not too far off.

    Engine was built in Bulgaria by Alexandar Hristov contact details can be provided. One of the best engine builders in Bulgaria and with his own rally team.

    - Compression is 149, 151, 147, 152, psi.

    - Forged pistons JE with standard bore 86mm block was good only honed and compression is at 8.5:1

    - Connecting Rods are Manley H Beam Rods

    - Main and Rod bearings both ACL racing standard size crack was good condition

    - Cometic MLS head gasket 1.3mm

    - APR Head bolts

    - APR crank and rod bolts

    - New Oil Pump

    - New Timing Chain Kit

    - Head was cleaned and Valves relaped

    - Aluminium Oil Pan with extra cooling and flaps inside to prevent starvation in extremes

    Price is £2500 for a quick sale will not accept lower offers as is a well built engine.

    I also have the turbo for sale which is brand new except the dyno tuning of the previous stock engine. Turbo is GT2871R with the small 0.64 housing from Turbo Dynamics also has a Motorsport pack and billet wheel upgrade which set me back additionally £225 + vat. For the turbo I am after £750.00

    My house circumstances have changed and I have to sell a few of my projects.

    Car body loom caught fire (not the engine loom) and I no longer can afford to sort this issues out.


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