FS: Defi Gauges x3 - Control Box - Sensors - Water Temp / Oil Temp / EGT

Thread in 'Parts for sale' started by dale_b, Jan 29, 2015.

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    Yo dudes,

    Got these that I removed from an Altezza I imported a year or so ago.. Was gona keep them for my own car when I eventually put it back together, however Iv got some PLX Gauges now so don't need these..

    The set consists of:
    3x Gauges.. Water Temp - Oil Temp - EGT(Exhaust Gas Temp) (Peak hold / Memory / Replay version Gauges)
    Control Box (it's pretty haggered on the back.. Some of the contacts have been broken off the back so unable to plug in)
    2x Fluid Temp Sensors (Water & Oil) (No EGT sensor)

    Price: £225 (Going rate for gauges alone)
    Collection from Guildford..
    Postage £14 next day courier.




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