For Sale Garrett GT2867R Hybrid Turbo

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    Intended for my personal build now over 2 years ago, I still haven’t had the chance to use it so it’s for sale;

    Originally a Garrett GT2860R, this has now effectively been converted to a 2867R on roids. Specifications as follows:

    - 7/7 Billet 54/67mm compressor wheel
    - Compressor housing machined to suit
    - Inconel GT28R turbine wheel
    - Dual ceramic ball bearing core
    - .64AR turbine housing (used)
    - Component + VSR balanced

    The turbo itself is still new, the turbine housing is used and removed from a personal build.

    Turbo will come with a fittings kit, along with a gasket set to get you going. AN4 oil feed fitting, AN6 water feed fittings, AN8 oil drain fitting, oil drain gasket and two MLS gaskets for the manifold end and downpipe.

    Looking for £580

    706402-B2-3465-4642-9-AD0-0-A6-D03-A21-C7-D. 656-B7477-FD93-415-B-9-D3-E-E4-CDB711-AB06. C38-BB031-576-F-4-AD0-AC2-F-4978-DB74797-A.

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