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    This is a very rare specialist piece of kit, not standard off the shelf items!

    I have 3 x Garrett TR30R turbos for sale.

    2 are a matched/identical pair with titanium hangers and motorsport oil pipes with quick disconnect, also turbo speed sensors.

    1 comes with bell mouth. Price £2200 or sensible offer
    2 come with 0.57A/R exhaust housings and i have 0.8A/R also. Price £3500 each or sensible offer

    These turbo chargers were never released for public sale and could only be obtained via a commercial motorsports contract with Garrett..

    They were used for Le mans (This is the same turbo used on the Audi R8 Le mans cars!!!) and rally cars, outperforming other turbos under strict regulations.

    1 of these chargers where leftover spares from the Skoda WRC team.
    The other 2 chargers are surplus from race team.

    The benefits of running these turbos include:
    The turbos are super light, about 4 Kg per turbo!

    Titanium comp wheel
    Titanium Turbine wheel
    Titanium Turbo shaft
    Special 1-off race bearing design

    The bearing races are made from M50 material and the retainer from silicon-bronze for high temperature capability
    Mar-M 247 turbine wheel material is good up to 1050C/1922F turbine inlet temperature.
    Magnesium Comp cover
    Air-cooled centre housing with turbo speed pickup boss.
    Stainless steel V-Band rear housing (for quick Turbo change or a/r change), these are similar to Tial v-band housing but they are made by Garrett's racing division.

    Compressor OD ~70mm
    Turbine OD ~60mm

    Turbo is capable of handling 3.5bar / 49 PSI bar of boost!!!!

    With all of these uprated internals the turbo don't required a coolant feed like most Garrett roller bearing turbos, they only require a restricted oil feed!

    This turbo is ideal for a car with small to medium engine displacement (1400 – 2200cc) and even better if the engine is built to take high levels of boost to really get the most out of this application (NOT RECOMMENDED FOR S2000 or high revving engines )
    This might be the dream turbo for you! I can't begin to explain how fast this thing spools, boost is instant !!

    Please note that these Turbos were $10,000 new…!
    I can split these up, but i would rather just sell in one go!

    I have other photos, if required of turbo's as here its limited for all
    7D9B7716-2909-4E7E-9F3C-49F0DA1D6DCD. AD531535-5964-469F-94F5-8EDAE2186009. C181C39E-DEB7-454E-B6E4-99E6AAD82082. 9A4F5F55-8B6E-4400-8600-98DBEB8E3761.

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