GT2871r a/r ratio

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Most suited a/r for a road/drift car setup with a gt2871r turbo ?

  1. 0.64 a/r Stock manifold T25 internal gated

  2. 0.86 a/r Stock manifold T25 internal gated

  3. 0.57 a/r custom manifold Vband external gated

  4. 0.57 a/r custom manifold Vband external gated

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  1. Priyan

    Priyan New Member

    May 31, 2019
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    Hi everyone,
    I've been planning to upgrade the turbo in my SR20 to a GT2871r.
    It is a road / drift car setup I'm looking for around a reliable 300-350bhp.

    I would like your advice and opinions to choose the best A/R ratio to reach my requirements. I got the options below,
    With the standard manifold
    0.64 or 0.86
    or custom top mount manifold Vband external gated.
    0.57 or 0.72

    Would like your opinion on custom manifold and external gate too.

    Looking forward to you advices, suggestions and opinions.
    Thanks in advance.

    Screenshot 2019-05-31 12.08.34.
  2. Pacco

    Pacco New Member

    Sep 4, 2019
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    i chose 0.52 v-band because:
    1) external westgate > internal
    2) top mount advantages
    3) v-band it is a nice system to use, easy and fast
    4) a smaller a/r, a faster spool, but it is possiblly to have some problems at high end rpms
    5) and alternative could be gtx2863 0.64

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