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    Lads and Gents,

    i want to present my GT86. And also me. This is me. Sven

    I bought this car back in 2013 as a display car from the Dealer. At this point it was a half year old and got 10k km on the clock.

    I ordered new taillights and other rims even before i got the car.
    The next mod was the MPS GT400 Turbo kit (from MPS Engineering (Germany)). I got the Stage 2 (300Hp).

    Then soon after i got a nice suspension. ST XTA it is. and here are some pics of that state. Ah and also got a new Engine 2015 and get it build and the Stage 3+ from MPS (450hp).

    2016. 20162.

    As u can see i got also the whole TRD paket with the car. Also got mine windows tinted.

    Here is the heart. CP pistons, Peute rod, Garrett GT2871r, HKS SSQV 4, MPS Intercoolerl, MPS 4-1 Top mount header, HJS 200dpi, Bastuck exhaust and so one and one. Engine.

    End 2016 i started to prepare the car for RocketBunny and perfect to the season start 2017 the car was finished. Alex from the TofuGarage (offical RocketBunny dealer) has done perfect work.

    Just see this.

    WhatsApp Image 2020-07-06 at 20.22.55 (1). WhatsApp Image 2020-07-06 at 20.23.01. page_10606208-24b4616acffef2acc8d038352b658868. page_10534566-e88d448d7964ef54eea6e3b12d276a09.

    If u has questions feel free.

    Also if anyone is really intressed. it is for sale (37.500€)
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