GX81 mini-build

Thread in 'Technical Questions' started by eatsleepdrift, Jan 15, 2010.

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    Hey guys! Recently fitted a GA70 LSD into my GX81 Chaser but ran into a few minor hiccups when im out goin sideways!!:D:D

    need two new tie rods for me steering rack, no motor factors list any parts for the GX (not that id go for them spurios ones anyway but said id check!) and i rang 4 diffrent toyota dealers today and all of them didnt want to hear about it until next week coz they were too close to closing time when i rang......:mad::mad::mad: Sooooo was wonderen does anyone know where id get some good aftermarket ones for a GX81?? figure when i havto get two anyway i may aswell improve upon the original!!:thumbs:

    also my clutch is pretty much shot, i can sit around in circles all day in 1st gear but when i throw it up into 2nd it dies a death.... figure a nice single plate will sort me out!!


    GX81........ if you needed to punch in a code to get into heaven im pretty sure thats what it'd be...............:D

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