Hello, newbie looking for some starters.

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Is a corvette drift worthy?

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  1. helgarmyr

    helgarmyr New Member

    Apr 8, 2021
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    Vancouver, WA
    So I live in the upper Vancouver WA area and I used to scoot around in a 330i Auto BMW, practiced a lil bit of drifting but not super confident. Also own a 3rd Gen camaro with minimal drift time with it but it's getting old and it's been my project baby for autocross racing.

    But ive been looking into buying a C4/C5 Corvette or a 350z/370z

    I definitely know the Z series would be a perfect start, but I'm a muscle fan and love the corvettes.

    Was wondering if their is a platform in the drifting world for a corvette and where I would even start if I decided to get a vette and what kind of aftermarket parts.

    Thank for any info, I just really want a vette as a drift car but if that's just not possible I'm taking the 350/370z.
  2. BenRice

    BenRice Well-Known Member

    Apr 23, 2014
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    New Zealand
    Check out Taylor Ray on YouTube, he used a near stock C5 Corvette for drifting a few years ago.

    He goes through all the pitfalls and positives and his videos are a good guide on what should be upgraded to get the most out of it (he fully recommends them btw)

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