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    Hello all :wave:

    LEGENDARY forum, have been on here a quite a few times but only just registered.

    Had a great time with Drift One this weekend on their drift course at Oulten Park. It has seriously given me the bug and am very keen to buy a banger and get to some practice events!! Drove quite a few cars with them on Saturday - S13, 330ci, turbo'd mx-5 and 350z.

    LOVED the 350z and found this really forgiving which was useful due to my severe lack of talent!! Didn't get on too well with the mx-5, despite not really being able to fit in it, they're also pretty snappy (especially when you tend to bang your foot down heavily :wack:).

    Looking at getting something pretty cheap as a second car for the purpose. 350z would be lovely but cannot afford one :cry:. Was thinking beemer 3 series / 5 series but they're not as cheap as I thought, many I have looked at are around £1500 upwards which isn't great if I total it on the first event!

    Just seen a 2.5 Omega GLS for £950. Will hopefully go and have a look at it this week. Wanted to know what people's thoughts are on these? Good? Bad? Unsure whether it has a LSD - if not, does anyone know where I can get a diff welded near Northampton?

    Great to be on the forum guys - hope to catch some of you soon.


    Phil :)

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