Hesitation when applying throttle fast

Thread in 'Technical Questions' started by w0wtoxic, May 1, 2020.

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    May 1, 2020
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    Car: Nissan 200sx s13
    Engine: SR20DET Redtop (320hp) with a power fc ecu (if that matters)

    So when i step on the gas it will hesitate a bit and then rev up. But when i touch it slowly it doesnt do anything weird. This has always been an issue, but before it would act normal when the water reached 70+ degrees C.
    So i figured it wouldve been my IACV and replaced it. Now it does it with both a cold and warm engine. It also feels like it misfires once in a while

    Car was put away in my garage for 1.5 years. Changed all the fluids, fresh gas and a new gas filter.

    Things ive done:
    - set tps at 0.5V
    - New IACV
    - Checked the CAS
    - Checked sparkplugs (gapped at .28" / 0.7mm)
    - Checked for leaks around the intake (thats the only thing that came loose in the 1.5 years because i had to replace the iacv)

    What more can i do/check? The car is still in my garage, no insurance or anything so i cant go anywhere. No access to power either so a boost leak test will be kinda hard


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