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    Legendary Honda SMX This is your opportunity to own a rare, 1996 Honda SMX. This rolling sex symbol exudes masculinity with features such as a sunroof, cd player, and totally functional plastic ground effects!(bodykit) Engine – Yup, it has one. A monstrous 2 liter (1972 CC) B20B DOHC inline 4 cylinder. This fire breathing, tire shredding powerplant produces a mind boggling 128 ponies at a mere 5500 RPMs. Torque??? OMG its almost unable to be measured. But somehow Honda engineers retooled their machines in order to register a whopping 135 ft/lbs. I heard a rumor that Nissan actually tried to steal the design of this engine for their Skylines. Transmission – Four speed Automatic . This robust gearbox links that angry engine to the front wheels so efficiently you could tow a Delica up a hill without concern for overheating or slipping. Of course there is no trailer hitch on the car so i've never tried it. But trust me, it could do it. Body – I mentioned the ground effects earlier. This SMX has plastic ground effects all around the car. They are totally functional, much like all the other plastic accessories automakers attached to cars in the 90s. Rare Garason rear spoiler and non standard front bumper. With these ground effects you are far less likely to spontaneously fly off the expressway, a fairly common occurrence. To keep it down it comes on coilovers. Honda claims the ground effects produce .676 joules of downforce. That downforce is needed when you drop the hammer on that expressway onramp. Paint – Black Painted by Honda's top secret racing team using the same paint the Stealth Fighter has. This paint reflects radar, making it almost impossible to get caught speeding by the Air Force police. Interior – All of the seats fold down, creating a bed! You heard that right. Not only that they have the rare Honda s-mx leather padded seat covers for extra comfort. Honda was on to something when they built this car. They realized the sex appeal of this chariot of fire was so high, people could not resist boning the moment they saw it. To prevent copious amounts of public fornication, they just designed the seats to turn into a bed, thereby saving the entire Japanese culture. Radio – Yes, it has a CD player double din satnav linked to the garason monitor sunvisors. Seriously, the mot is due in a july but 12 months will be supplied, I don't want to give the Japanese government the satisfaction of the disposal taxes and this car has a lot of life left in it. Take it off my hands for £3000.




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