Honda s2000 f20c complete engine conversion

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    I have for sale a complete engine conversion from a 2001 honda s2000 due to the car having an arguement with the wrong tree. The engine is in really good condition and only covered 80,500 miles.
    Before removing the engine i did take a video of it running and revving.

    Intems to come with it.
    Engine with everyting still bolted to it
    6 speed box
    engine loom
    complete dash loom
    clocks ( digital )
    fuel pump / sender

    the only reason this is for sale is that it was going into a mk1 escort but the car had to be sold so this is left over. The sump has been altered / cut to suit the escort but can supply / fit a stock sump prior to a sale being made

    price is £2700
    location is sheffield
    delivery can be arranged in the uk

    pm or call 07875243868

    cheers pete

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