Hot boi style S13 200SX

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    34485922_10213911679180206_3438235892995588096_n. 34728298_10213911681180256_3116634325328592896_n. 34556007_10213911680940250_7140812914092408832_n. 34558780_10213911680820247_6938455186343985152_n. 34485922_10213911679180206_3438235892995588096_n. 34728298_10213911681180256_3116634325328592896_n. 34556007_10213911680940250_7140812914092408832_n. 34558780_10213911680820247_6938455186343985152_n. Looking at possibly selling my S13. Ive had it for just over a year now and been a good car and reliable to. The dash says its on 153K but since owning it ive done less than 2K in it. Engine pulls well enough and no nasty gearbox crunching also the shell is in really good shape has had the usual patching on the sills and bit of surface rust but nothing to be to concerned on , its a solid S13 really. The car is sprayed primer white at the moment had intentions of painting it u...p but havn't got round to it.

    Engine and Transmission
    CA18DET Stage 2
    T28 turbo with braided lines running 0.9 bar on HI setting.
    Nistune ECU mapped at 294bhp with dyno sheet printout
    Exedy Stage 3 Organic Clutch
    Greddy Profec B boost controller
    Large front mount intercooler fitted upside down
    Large Alloy Radiator with S14 shroud viscous shroud and fan
    Stainless boost pipes
    Oil catch can
    ASH breather hoses
    Tubular manifold with apex elbow all fitted together with new steel gaskets and nordlock locking nuts and washers
    Braided clutch
    Works-9 Eardrum breaker shot gun exhaust (really rare and sounds amazing)

    Suspension and chassis
    Modified front lower member and removable upper member
    Removable bumper bar hidden behind bumper
    Tubbed front arches
    HSD Monopro coilovers (less than 1k on)
    Driftworks adjustable arms all round
    Driftworks front lower arms
    Japspeed inner and outer tie rods
    Modified hub knuckles
    Modified front subframe with the rack move forward.
    Apex 6 point dash dodge rollcage with door bars
    S14front brakes.
    Standard rear drum brake handbrake with new pads locks up well
    Stich Gulf wheels 18x9.5 et 5 (with 15mm spacer to clear calipers) and 18x10.5 et3
    Rear tyres no brand , front tyres nankang wich are worn but hace a spare set in garage.
    Set of 17 inch XXR wheels for drift spares pretty shot tyres
    Welded diff

    Drivers Bride bucket seat on and rail
    Corbeau passenger seat
    Sparco Harnesses both sides
    Suede Nardi style steering wheel on a quick release boss
    Boost Gauge
    Stack oil pressure gauge
    Big stainless gear knob
    Lifeline 2.25litre plumbed in fire extinguisher

    Dmax type 3 full kit
    Dmax bonnet
    Origin rear window spoiler
    25mm front fenders
    30mm rear over fenders
    Despoilered and holes filled
    Dmax crystal indicators
    Dmax LED running lights

    As you can see it has a good amount of spec but has a few bad points.
    *Manifold has a crack in (i will supply a new one i have to go with it)
    * the Down pipe is really worn from the car being low will need replacing these arn't much.
    *Body work although being presentable for a drift car is rough in places so may put people off
    *Headlights are fixed up as the boost pipes run below them.
    *Heater not working resistor needed

    Other than that this is a solid S13 that drifts and runs well.
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    He's asking £5k
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    Yeah £5k not a penny more not a penny less :thumbs:
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    Bump this up forgot to mention has 6 months MOT on it aswell :thumbs:

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