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    Want to post a build thread but don't know how? Here's a guide to help

    A build thread tends to have a loose structure something like this:

    Title - choose something that describes the car & your goal for it
    Earliest photos you've got to show the starting point
    Initial plans / why you bought it - some people buy to have a cool daily, some for dedicated track beast, most are in between
    Progress - best done with pictures accompanied with brief descriptions. More pics the better
    Future plans - a lot of future plans are up in the air, but put them up anyway. People who are viewing have an interest in that particular make/chassis so can help point you in the right direction if needed

    DW-specific tips & tricks

    • The first image you put in the post comes up as the thumbnail in the Build Thread page, so choose wisely (excludes IG photos tho i believe)
    • You can add links to IG pictures and Youtube vids and they self-embed, making adding content super easy
    • You can upload pics from your phone or computer without having to host them externally (ie Photobucket)
    • Lambo doors result in instant bonus points

    How to add IG pics/vids:
    On your phone: in the IG app, open up a pic you posted. In the top RH corner there are the 3 dots, click on that and in the menu where it says Copy Link, click that.

    On a computer: in a browser, click on a photo then copy the address bar.

    Go to your Build Thread post and paste it in a new post. DW does the rest. When you add the post it comes up as an embedded pic with caption. If that's too hard then go back to licking windows

    How to add Youtube vids:
    On your phone, in the Youtube app, click on the button that says Share and select the Copy Link option

    On a computer, in the browser copy the URL in the address bar. If there is anything after the "&", delete that first then copy

    Go to your Build thread post and paste it in a new post. Like the IG stuff, DW does the rest and it comes up as embedded

    How to add photos from your phone/computer:
    On your phone, go to the thread you want to reply to (or start a new thread) and scroll to the bottom where you can type a post.
    Click on the button called Add Image.
    A dialog box will open, click on Choose File. It will prompt you for how you want to find the photo, select Documents (Android), then from the ensuing menu select Pictures and navigate to the photo you want to use.
    A black box with a processing image will appear in the top right and will disappear once it's uploaded
    A thumbnail of the picture will appear down the bottom, next to it click the Full Image button and the image will be posted in the reply box

    On your computer: same as above essentially
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