HSD Vs CS2 (wheel fitment - road use)

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    Hey guys,

    I’ve been doing abit of research and can I confirm a few things…

    1.the CS2 coilovers are 5mm thinner then the HSD, creating 5mm more gap between the inner wheel edge and adjustable collar?

    i ask this as my current coilovers hit the wheel without a spacer so my thoughts are the cs2 will supply me that little extra room to play with.

    2. The cs2 is a more track focused coilover compared with the HSD. What spring rate would be recommended with the cs2 for a ps13 that will never drift, is mainly used for car shows and driven on the road. On the very odd occasion is may do a lap or two around a track but it’ll be rare. Or am I just better of going with the HSD and having to deal with the coilover sitting closer to the wheel?

    3. The cs2 uses helper springs on the front, why is this? Do they add any extra width? I ask as it’s the helper spring part on the teins that currently touch the inner wheel lip, whereas I notice the hsd may not have this problem as doesn’t use helpers

    Many thanks

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    1. I think the 5mm is negligible, as different rims has different fits, so the 5mm would be good for one but bad for the other if you ever plan on buying different rims (that are not perfect size etc)

    2. I to was in the same situation as you and messaged DW, looked around on the web ALOT.
    They adviced me to buy the Monopro as they are more then capable for track work, a step up from the dualtech but not so hardcore as the CS2
    If you do not have bought any I would message them, but think they will say the monopro would be ''perfect''

    3. Don't quote me on this but the helper spring works with aggresive track work as far as I understood to keep the spring properly seated on the spring

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