For Sale IS220D - Pos swap for IS200??

Thread in 'Misc for sale' started by ChrisL200SX, Jul 16, 2018.

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    Nov 2, 2010
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    2006 IS220D

    Just clocked over 162k, still going fine. No history, 2 keys.

    Bit scabby on the outside, laquer peel in a few spots, couple of dinks and scrapes. Runs well though, not too bad on fuel, doesn't smoke like every other 220d. Apparently has a remap, no proof though

    Inside could do with a scrub, there's a crack in the windscreen, and its pulling to the left a little.

    All in all, not the prettiest, but a solid motor.

    Could be keen for a black IS200 with diff ect. and a little cash. Or we can work out a free track or drift session at 3 Sisters (I work there.)

    E-cig and border collie not included, you can have the logs though if you want.

    IMG_20180715_121559. IMG_20180715_121611. IMG_20180715_121622. IMG_20180715_121813. IMG_20180715_121833. IMG_20180715_121844. IMG_20180715_121901. IMG_20180715_121934.

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