Jay´s 325i Drift/Daily Project!!! (@Portugal)

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    Hi there,

    So after 3 s13´s, 1 AE86, and a couple other RWD´s...i finally got a E36 M50B25 (vanos) Bimmer...
    Im a bit ignorant of bmw´s, but with all ur help, im sure will have a pretty decent one =)

    So this is what it looked like when i bought it:




    Pretty much looks like any other bimmer...so i´ve been looking up Mods to add from here and there, i´ve looked some of you guys projects and started to buy some Mods and kinda DIY some others =)
    So here we go...

    -Made a Heatshield box and got a more free flow intake filter


    -Bought a more agressive chip for the ECU from ebay (I know it´s rubbish, but no tim€ for Dyno now =P )
    Still i m quite sure it helped the car.

    -had a few problems with my stock fuel pump, so i got me a Walbro 255lph to replace it, just in case i go Turbo someday lol


    -I Fabricated these Strut bars for my bimmer with my mate, they don´t look as cool as the Aftermarket ones, but they were alot cheaper, ill tell you that, and they definitely do the job =)


    They are painted mate black now.

    - Got rid of shitty shocks and spings that came with the car and got me a TA TECHNIX Coilovers Kit, (Red Springs, apparently stiffer?)
    - Also added a few spacers on the Hubs for more Camber in the front (No plates so far)
    - Got Spacers for the steering as well and had the arms machined to get 10mm spacers in it =)
    Now it really "locks" hehe (Will post photo latter with full lock)


    And looks alot nicer now, low =)


    - Dished steering wheel

    - E39 15" Wheels (For now)

    - Ofcourse the Diff is already Welded for better drifting

    - got a DE-CAT on the exhaust pipes.

    - Converted the Dual-Mass flywheel to a "Lightweight" M20 Single-Mass one, with Reenforced Clutch, for those Agressive clutch kicks hehe

    - Bought a Sabelt bucket seat with 4 points harness (Not fitted yet, but getting there)

    - Started to trim all the fat from it in the trunk...

    i think it´s about that for now...
    Next mods in list:

    - Hydro E-brake
    - 16" Wheels
    - 25mm Spacers
    - Get bucket seat on place
    - Use and abuse it on CPD (Portuguese Drift Championship) =D

    Ok guys, now i need some comments on what i did, and what would you advise me on doing to make it faster, stroger and stiffer hehe
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    well your deffo on the right way! Next thing i would do it fit a bucket seat and drift it! :D

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