Lexus brake problem

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    Nov 28, 2021
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    Brakes are solid after bleeding but go to the floor and feel spongy after the engine was started.

    Any ideas?

    Car is a SC430 and has the ABS system removed and I first tried a Toyota Celica vacuum servo with a Jaguar XJ6 master cylinder
    symptoms as mentioned above

    I now tried a Lexus LS430 vacuum servo with its matching master cylinder and again find the same symptoms
    Good pedal when bled the find it goes to the floor and feels spongy

    When the ABS unit was removed I T'd the pipes into each Front and Rear ports.
    I don't see any leaks.

    But the same problem with 2 different attempts at getting a good brake pedal leaves me puzzled.

    Hope someone can oblige and offer a solution. 4 lexus Ls430.

    3 celica jags3.

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