For Sale Lexus IS200 Estate - Project or Spares - £200

Thread in 'Drift cars for sale' started by counteract, Feb 25, 2020.

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    Bought with the intention of fitting a 1UZ (which is also for sale) - I was planning to buy an MOT failure and transfer the front end panels and interior as this has dmaged bonnet/wings/lights/bumper and what interior it does have is rotten.

    Engine has 99K, starter had jammed last time I tried to fire it up but it ran with no issues when I collected it at Christmas and had to move it.

    Obviously the car is rough. You're either looking at this thread as you want an estate chassis to build up for cheap or you want to break it. I will not sell parts separately. I just want what it cost me - £200.

    The CE28N reps came with it so will go with it. The Meisters in some pictures were offered up for a laugh, they're not included. The car has its original rear bumper and a mismatched black front bumper also included inside the car - I believe the rear bumpers for these can be a struggle to find.

    80321628_462656121099182_600385231970631680_n (1).

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