Lexus is250 sport?

Thread in 'Other Chat' started by milez, Sep 17, 2015.

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    Need to get a new car for work. Been looking at the is250 sport. Around 2008 plate. Has anyone owned drived had any experience of one?

    I know the tax is fucking high but apart from that looks good to me. 30ish mpg and every toy on there. ive got around 8k to spend. Needs to be a 56plate on. And get at least 25mpg and rwd!!! Anyone else got any ideas?

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    Mar 5, 2015
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    I've got one mate, cracking motors!!! As you say, a bit heavy on the tax front but worth knowing the auto is £200 a year cheaper, I still went for the manual tho and think it's well worth it.

    Mines a black 2007 Sport(navigation), almost 80k with full history. Some tasteful mods being;
    F Sport front grille and rear spoiler,
    6000k bulbs and 6000k HID spotlights,
    All interior, sidelights and puddle lights swapped for white LED(makes a nice subtle improvement)
    Just had ALL the oils changed(engine, gearbox, diff), full service and 'health check' flagging up a seized rear caliper(apparently common) brand new Lexus calipers ordered and fitted, all by my Lexus technician bro inlaw,
    Windows tinted(rear dark front smoked),

    The car looks great! It does have a fair bit of stone chips on the bumper and bonnet, it was on my to do list but tbh I wasn't going to get it done until after winter. Wheels could do with a refurb too as paint flaked and corroded.

    I'm only 'thinking' of selling at the moment as I want a GS450h, if your interested let me know and I'll get some pics over to you.

    EDIT: BTW they are capable of 30mpg+, I was getting it for the first few weeks of owning the car but once I got used to it and drove normally it dropped a little. I average 28mpg, doing a bit more motorway than city :)
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    Ive got the IS220D, love it. Im always changing my daily but I think this one's a keeper. If you can, get one with the Mark Levinson stereo, it fucking kicks.
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    I've got an IS250, I went for the Auto and I'd recommend it. The paddle shift isn't too shit and you get much better mpg with the auto, if that's a concern. I've managed 40mpg on long motorway runs (Manchester to Glasgow and back, etc) repeatedly and it's worked out an actual MPG of 39.8, with a displayed of 42.

    If you're hooning it about town, you won't get 30mpg to save your life though, I'm averaging about 27-28 with normal mixed use, when I just do town driving or hooning about it drops down to 22ish. Really really nice car though. I didn't bother with the Mark Levinson stereo, but mainly because I wanted to avoid having a screen on my dash. Normal premium sound is good, but the Mark Levinson is friggin awesome for a car.

    I have found mine eats a lot of oil, but that's probably down to the way I drive. Get a black one because they are pimping.

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