M3 LSD upgrade?

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    Have a stock E36 M3 that I drift sometimes. Stock LSD, even though it is in good shape does not lock up the car enough to where sliding feels consistent.

    I don’t hit the track or nothing but used to manji a lot in my old Corvette C5. Pozzi on that car locked up for me enough to where I was comfortable drifting in any gear.

    Don’t want to weld as I prefer LSD that works right.

    What are my upgrade options & what lsd options would I need to pick for it to basically get as close as possible to welded feel when clutch kicking? Like, lockup percentage, dog ear count etc etc..

    I work at a shop as well where I can stay after hours for as long as I need & have pretty much any tool you can think of in my possession. Rebuild might be a good option, but I’ve never opened up a diff in my life. Thoughts?
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