Mazda RX8 231 - Caged, Seats, Lock Mods ect.

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    Due to trying to grow up and buy a house, it's time to get rid of the toy.


    2004 RX8 231, Titanium Grey.

    83793 Miles, rebuild at around 75k, no paperwork to prove.

    Lots of modifications:
    FULL weld in rollcage
    Recaro drivers seat, with wrap arounds
    Airbags removed, quick release steering wheel
    Solid engine mounts
    Updated coils, leads and starter motor.
    Tein coilovers
    Welded diff
    Modified steering knuckles for more lock.
    Full exhaust system, including manifold and delete cat.
    Roof spoiler
    326 Power style rear wing
    Rota D2EX wheels, 18x10 et12 all round

    Has MOT, is road legal.

    Points worth noting:
    Sills have been repaired, but not painted, only primed.
    This is a track car, and has been modified to drive as such.
    The body work is far from show room condition, the car has been used on track, and driven in anger.
    It's loud. Very, very loud.
    Both seats are fixed, with no adjustability, I'm 6' and have made the driver's seat rail to suit me.

    No swaps thanks, I have a daily already.

    IMG_20171001_130330. IMG_20171001_130341. IMG_20171001_130401. IMG_20171001_130437. IMG_20171001_130515. IMG_20171001_130548. IMG_20171001_130555. IMG_20171001_130319. IMG_20171001_130310. IMG_20171001_130301. IMG_20171001_125046. IMG_20171001_125025. IMG_20171001_124943. IMG_20171001_124858. IMG_20171001_124602.

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