For Sale MK1 MX5 12 MOT + LSD £1500

Thread in 'Drift cars for sale' started by Shawn Campbell, Sep 24, 2018.

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    Sep 24, 2018
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    This 1996, NA Mazda MX5 1.8, 5 speed Manual has a MOT till 30/08/2019

    Its had about £2000 spent on over the last year and is in good condition, the rear bumper has faded from the exhaust but this is minor as well as age related marks.


    New Disks and pads all round,
    Aftermarket exhaust,
    Jackson racing full adjustable anti roll bars,
    Limited Slip Differential,
    Bluetooth radio,
    Had a Full service in October 2017,
    Quick release fire extinguisher,
    Sills have been repaired for rust already from previous owner (no invoice for this work though) but the car is structurally strong.
    Roof replaced by previous owner (again no invoice),
    (New ish)battery,
    Power steering,
    Metal optional door cards,
    Electrically adjustable door mirrors,


    Rusty wheel arches, although this is just a cosmetic fault
    Squeaky suspension (suspected suspension bushes),
    Drivers door speaker faulty,

    [​IMG] IMG_20180814_195130. IMG_20180814_194715. IMG_20180814_194710. IMG_20180814_194701. IMG_20180814_195130. IMG_20180814_194846. IMG_20180814_194854. IMG_20180814_194910. IMG_20180814_195018. IMG_20180814_195130. IMG_20180814_195556. IMG_20180814_194646. IMG_20180814_194654. IMG_20180814_194746. IMG_20180814_194801.

    Please feel free to ask any questions I hope you can consider my price fair considering the prices of mint condition mx5s mark 1's minus the costs of the repairs need to mine. Located in Northamptonshire Reg:N336NGT 135838 Miles , Smoke free, Pet free, Recent MOT Black, 5+ owners, £1,499

    07984621095 - please no phone calls before 6pm on weekdays as i wont be able to answer at work


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