Mk3 Supra 3.0L N/A £200 No MOT

Thread in 'Drift cars for sale' started by Al1exx, Sep 10, 2005.

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    Sep 10, 2005
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    Sorry my first post is a for sale item, but I need to make space for a new project and maybe someone will have use for this?

    It has no MOT or tax and needs the following for the MOT:
    New numberplates
    Zorst needs resealed (not rusty, just the downpipe join)
    Front brakes are binding slightly & might need a little work
    The steering rack boot has gone & the rack has too much play on the offside.
    The ABS light is on
    One front brake pipe split during the MOT.
    £300 is what I've been quoted for all the work. The bodywork passed no problems.

    The car was originally a C reg but comes with a private plate. It has 124K on the clock and everything works ok apart from the aircon. I need to get it sold ASAP, ideally this weekend, so first £200 gets it.

    It is in Central Scotland. You could drive it away but only the handbrake would stop it - ideally needs trailered.

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