Mustang cobra forged engine+ everything

Thread in 'Parts for sale' started by driftdreamin, Sep 24, 2014.

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    Aug 17, 2005
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    Ford mustang cobra 4.6 engine, fully rebuilt with forged piston rods etc.
    T45 gearbox nearly new only used for couple drift days. And has very expensive billet quick shift cant think of make at mo
    Light weight flywheel 6 puk clutch
    Poly engine mounts for direct fit to e36 bmw
    Custom fully balanced one piece prop e36 bmw
    Dta standalone ecu plug to origanal bm plug
    Aftermarket coils
    Engine was running 380bhp 370lbs when standard and with terrible manifolds
    Prob few other details but just needed to get ball rolling
    Looking for £6000 ono for the lot preety much plug and play in e36 put in somthing different
    Put pics up when get chance or if interested can email

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