For Sale MX5 1.8 with LSD

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    Bought this car a while ago with the intention of getting it MOT'd and running it for summer but that fell through as I dont have the time and/or space to do so and have bought another with MOT

    For an MX5 it isn't actually bad at all for rust and it has an LSD, brand new 1.8 brakes (from when I bought it) and coilovers although not sure of brand. It also has a brand new battery. The roof doesn't seem to leak as there is currently no moisture inside the car

    For the MOT I know it will need one very small hole on the inner sill welded but not sure what else although I have been told the previous owner carried out most of the repairs on last MOT fail such as the brake lines. There is also one arch with rust on the outside as can be seen in the photos. The paintwork isn't the best either.

    The reason it is registered as a 1.6 is that it has been reshelled previously

    It is a Cat C (which I found out after buying it)

    I did contemplate keeping it as a track/drift car but can't right now due to space unfortunately.

    Developed idling issue but I think this is due to sitting for a while and just needs driven as it will idle for 10 minutes then cut out after tapping the accelerator

    Will come with standard wheels

    Car is located in Perth, Scotland

    Looking for £850 (what I spent) but all reasonable offers considered)








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