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    Hello all! I've been looking at driftworks for a while now and thought i'd post a question.. a few months ago i've bought a nearly finished diff off of a friend of mine who had made it into a lower ratio diff using the Kia Sportage diff. Now im trying to figure out how to finish it. But i've never had a diff apart so im not formiliar with annything here. The diff is welded and the last time i've mounted it (after sending it to a company who rebuilds them) it was whining like crazy. Ive never driven a welder before so i was sceptical about it being that loud.. now the diff is out again but i cant find anything wrong with it. Anyone here with some knowledge about the kia diff? And is a whining noise that loud normal with welders? And if so, how comes it whines?

    I hope im making myself anny clear. Thanx!

    Ps. Might be able to upload pictures later.
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