For Sale Mx5 mk2.5 1.6 £1500

Thread in 'Drift cars for sale' started by Joshbops, Oct 12, 2019.

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    Aug 8, 2019
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    Unfortunately it is time for me to sell my mx-5. The car had done 70150 miles. It has had its cambelts and waterpump done in the last 500miles. Along with the car having a TR lane rollcage and a Malian exhaust system on the car. The car also has the Mazda enkei wheels on with fairly new tyres. The underbody has been sealed but the arches do need treating.

    This car has never been drifted and has an open diff

    IMG_0054. mazda 1.JPG mazda 2.JPG mazda 3.JPG mazda 5.JPG mazda 7.JPG mazda 6.JPG mazda.JPG

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