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    Hi guys
    this is my first post here, I'm not sure this is the right forum to be posting in but I need some help with wheel offset.

    Basically i bought some 7twenty style 44's, 15x8 et0, about a year ago. which im running 195/50/15 yokohama AD08r's on. i have since done a track day and thought they performed okay. however ive done alot of research lately into the effects of running low offset wheels for a handling/grip build, and im finding very mixed opinions so i could do with some help. i understand ET0 will reduce my scrub radius but how noticable will it really be? and what other major effects could it have?

    Im trying to build the car to be used for the local hill climbs, and occasional track day use when i can afford it ( I live in the channel islands, so i have to travel a lot to get to a track, hence why i want to do the local hill climb ) my plan was to run the wheels i have now with bolt on arches and 225/50/15 tyres so i have a lot of grip (cars going supercharged soon). but i dont want to spend all my time and money fitting arches if in reality i should just higher the wheel offset and run 205's maybe?

    picture of when i took my car to pembrey.

    sorry for the long post
    any help is much appreciated :)
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