My RB25DE S13 Project Car Build.

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    Hi guys and gals, im 17 and a first year mechanic apprentice and i decided this year i would buy and build my dream car, a S13 Silvia, however i wanted to put a twist on it. I decided to screw the old motor and go for something a little more adventurous, a RB25DE swap. This is my build and i hope you enjoy following me through it.

    This is how i bought the car, it was a rolling shell and completely gutted as the guy before me wanted to make it a time attack speed car.

    I bought the car and the day it was delivered it was raining at it was night time so i covered it with a tarp for the time being.

    The following day i got all the parts out of the car that were in boxes and proceeded to fix up the lights and a couple other things.
    IMG_1737 - Edited.

    The car sat for a little while as it was winter and i didnt want to lay in the mud and poo so i waited it out for it to dry and any days it was alright to work i did a few little things like axle shaft, steering column, coil over adjustments and mounted a couple things in the engine bay and all the ac and heating inside the car aswell as the dash reinforcement.

    It dried up somewhat so i decided to pull apart the engine and find out was the cause of leaks, seeps, colouring and also find out the wellbeing of the engine.

    At this point i concluded that the engine was completely blown, there was rust on the spark, water in the oil filter and sump, and rust throughout the intake and cylinders.
    It was time to think about engine swaps, i was thinking SR20DE and CA18DE as they were factory motors and would be direct bolt up, however they were out of my price range and figured they'd be already pretty wrecked.
    I was doing some research and found out that the RB25DE out of a R33 Skyline GTS would be the engine for me. More power, more torque, bigger bore and more fun and of a learning curve.
    I found a RB25DE that had been in a VL Commodore before mine and before then was out of a R33 SKyline GTS. I bought the motor and checked it well being compression test and other tests.

    We got the engine out and put it in the garage ready for install. Meanwhile i bought a R33 crossmember as they bolt straight up and doesnt need custom mounts.

    My brother came into my room one morning and suggested we try to remove the engine to get ready for the new power plant. So we did...

    I then decided putting the engine in would look a little out of place and a bit old. So I decided to prep and paint the engine bay ready for the new engine. I prepped and masked the engine bay with acetone and a scotch bright and and kerosene.

    I masked every whole and fire wall inlet or outlet and the fenders after that, that took about an hour.

    I washed everything with acetone first and then let everything dry for a couple hours.
    I bought a cheap spray gun at Bunnings and just some anti rust paint that was in a nice blue colour called ocean. I sprayed the engine bay a couple times to make for good coverage and this is what it looks like.

    The engine is going in this weekend and that is where i am up to at the moment, ill keep updating and posting away, hope you enjoyed this so far.
    Thank you
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    Keep going dude! Liking it so far, you won't regret going DE, especially when your bombing it round the track lap after lap without issue whilst they are overheating and/or having turbo issues ;)

    Trust me I know from experience hahaha
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    Good job getting stuck in and doing the work yourself

    What's next on the job list?

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