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Thread in 'Other Chat' started by Trickysadd, Dec 21, 2015.

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    Now ,
    Firstly , I don't complain normally. I deal with things personally, and certainly not on forums. I am lucky enough to have my own well equipped workshop and almost every external garage I have to deal with for MOT's etc are straight and honest.

    This past week has taught me never to let my guard down. What I have had to deal with makes my blood boil and the garage in question are lucky that I have calmed down.

    Now all people have different experiences and I sincerely hope this is not how they treat all their customers. However i felt I should post something, as this would make good viewing on watchdog......

    My ex wife ( now I have enough trouble off her as it is, without idiots ripping her off ) broke down or had a missfire near to said garage in colchester a week or so ago.
    Limped to the garage , they hooked it up to their machine which "costs several thousands " and diagnosed coils 2 & 4 had gone. Fine, 20 minutes later it was fixed. £120 quid, thanks.

    Few days later I get a text saying the car is missfiring again and I need to do something about it as the solicitor says I need to provide her with a car. Now I know my fiat engines and I'm already suspicious and £120 quid down. Calmly I suggest she calls the garage and asks them to have another look.

    She takes it in Saturday. Their initial helpfulness is now replaced with abruptness and after plugging in again and leaving it with them they now diagnose the throttle body has gone and the job is not worth doing as they are too expensive. On top of that she was told the battery had failed. When asked why they had firstly diagnosed it as coil packs the mechanic just walked off.

    Lastly she was told to get rid of the car quick as it was a Fiat and would be loads of trouble because the engines were notoriously bad !! - Helpful professional advice.

    Now the coil packs for these are £9.95 each and the throttle body £40 from a reputable breaker.

    I am now fed up with getting crap off her, so yesterday I interrupt my christmas weekend with my daughter , pick up some tools and go over to sort the dead car.

    Imagine my surprise, not , when I take all of two minutes to remove the air box to discover that neither coil 2 or 4 are new or have been replaced. Infact the fault was a very obviously broken plastic plug to coil 3 and the fact that spark plug nr 1 was breaking up.
    A quick clean up of the throttle body which took another 3 minutes to remove, a set of plugs and 1 new coil pack and the car is back to 100%.

    So I missed half a day with my daughter .who I get precious little time with anyway and forked out £120 for two coils and 10 minutes labour ( thats approx £600/ hour) only to find that all 4 coils were old . 3 original fiat ones and one that looked newer but still old. In other words the work hadn't been done.
    Oh and the "dead battety " was tested independently and is 100% . Not surprising as its a month old.

    So BKT - you are lying bastards and if thats how you treat women customers I pity you.
    What you have done is effectively fraud and is why our small garage trade sometimes has a bad name.

    What it also proves is that it doesnt matter how many thousands your diagnostic box costs it is only as good as the stupid retard using it.

    This is only my experience but given that I have numerous good experiences every year with lots of different vehicles and garages, I thought it warranted sharing.
    Interestingly there was another family complaining at the same time , who had brought back a car they had purchased off them.

    Maybe they are just having an off week !!!
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    Wankers mate. Rude cunts.
    Unfortunately a whole lot of these types of garages are when they think they dealing with someone clueless about cars.
    Makes me sick, and makes you massively not trust the good ones, I mean, who do you know you can?!
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    what FIAT engine is it. They are renowned from developing a misfire. Coils 2 and 4 fail causing a short being fed back to the Ecu which sits on the back of the throttle body . If the ecu is not fixed at the same time you will still get a misfire again causing the coils to break down.

    it's a simple job to do but the garage may not have been aware of this common problem not that it excuses them from being robbing twats
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    Somewhere on the shores of the uk :)
    Why the hell do you need to sort your exwife car how is that your problem?

    Alot of bad garges around my friend owns a bmw mini and or the last 2 years the garage never changed the oil filter due to the casings break.
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    Nightmare. My wife got charged £60 for 'diagnostics', asked the garage and at first they looked confused, then just said everything was fine and nothing came up on the system. It only went in for a battery replacement and it ended up costing £130, shocking!
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    Never known a small garage not to do it to be honest.

    My first car, starting running rough, take it to trusted mates garage who quickly find out its a lambda sensor but dont have one to fit at the time, so next day before work i drop it off at a local garage and ask them to replace said lambda 'no worries'.

    come back end of day to a replaced cat 'to see if that was the problem' but then did what i already knew and asked for, being the lambda.

    tried charging me for a brand new cat, politely declined and said to fit my old one back, ages of discussion later, i get what i asked for.

    worked on my own cars/wait for trusted garages to have opening ever since.
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    That was my thinking aswell :S

    Plenty places all over the world operate just exactly like this though. Infact there was an America TV show that did a thing where oil garages were ripping people off.

    You'd be quoted say $9.99 for a oil change in sub 10 mins. However the employee's are being paid commision to sell better oil and additional services. So under cover people went in to test and found almost 100% of customers were being scammed, such as required PAS fluid change, or full fluids change, better grade of oils, etc when all the cars had been fully serviced 5 mins prior and it transpired the $9 oil job would turn to $2-300 and ZERO work was ever done, including the famous 'battery failure' shite.

    Sad state of affairs but these scam artists exist everywhere. Trust no one.
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    I've used a local guy to me for at least the past 10yrs. One man band, reliable as anything and doesn't do work not needed. There are a lot of wankers out there, but there are also a lot of genuine honest independent garages who are glad of the work and value customers.

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