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    so ive never been a AVID drifter ofcource growing up in the midwest and having nice back roads and rural areas and nice areas to go sideways ive always enjoyed just having fun
    to put you in an idea of where im at i just had a 94 D21 truck
    i got the thing for about 1500 and dumped all kinds of money and me being married in the navy i haven't had much other thing to enjoy than my time with my wife and my truck
    i had a full racing setup as far as cage, suspension, harness, nice little turbo setup, seats, welded diff ect ect
    in the last 4 months alone i put a hefty 5k into the truck and i enjoyed every second of it
    till last sunday my buddy was going to check out this acura for him and i was giving him a ride and i was rear ended and pushed into the guard rail and the truck was completely totaled (im still dealing with the issuance but from what it looks like im not gonna get much of anything out of it.)
    the truck was my first real Japanese engineered vehicle i had owned besides a 2012 camry but i see why people love the old jap vehicles the KA24E was a mean little bulletproof motor and was suprised how little trouble i had at all with the car

    now im stuck in a situation where i need to find a new toy and im kind of stuck on the fence on what to buy
    i wanna stray away from a 240sx due to the drift tax
    350z seem like an alright fit but the mechanics behind it seem like it would be a little more pricey to work on and fix other engine components just from what im seeing ofcorce i know very litle about working on one because ive never got my hands on one and the absense of a back seat seem to turn me away and im not a fan of the looks of the g series

    ive looked into miatas which im not completely off the idea. easy to work on,reliable,tons of things but it doesnt have the feel like my truck did where people constantly wanna ask whats up with it and whats all done to it and is a little too small for my taste but i see the appeal of driving one 100%

    is300s seems like the perfect fit but from the midwest or where i live now (norfolk,va) its very taxing to even find one with a manual along with the sc300s aswell

    foxbodys are another choice but you know,its a mustang, and they are getting pretty old and not very cheap

    ofcorce i dont want to get into a fwd because well you know, its a fwd and ive owned enough to not enjoy them

    i used to own a gmc sonoma that was a nice little truck with the v6 but id probably never own one again because ive lost most my faith in chevy after the c10 trucks stop being made and anything new with a GM bow tie or name seems to be as reliable as Chrysler after the 70's

    another thing thats weird is i know a little bit more about volvos than the average person would want to admit ive owned about 2 740's a 960 and i had a 850 t5 for about 4 years that was my daily and all were crazy bullet proof but not sure if the old swede boxs are really want im looking for in the kind of vehicle but im always open too since they do have the 940 turbos and 740 turbos
    i just remember how hard finding parts were

    ive also been recommended e36's but i know how explensive BMW is and never been much of a guy for luxury

    my budget is a little under 6k and i know thats asking alot but my needs arent much
    i dont need the bells and whistles like power windows,leather seats,crazy things like all wheel steering
    i like minimal stuff
    just the basics, honestly ive contemplated getting just another d21 and working from where i was and buying back the truck but i think i could maybe explore some other things out there and would just like a outside view

    anyways thanks for the help

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